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First-Rate Life Insurance

Policies that Fit Your Needs

Quality Life and Health Insurance

Let us help plan for your family's future with quality life and health insurance policies from Lee Insurance Group. We can create policies that fit your family's needs and provide you with competitive rates from the top providers in the area.


Whether you've just lost your job or are simply trying to save money, our experienced agents are waiting to help find the coverage you need.

Experienced insurance services

Count on us to take all the hassle out of searching for the

best insurance around. We have over 30 years of

experience providing excellent insurance options to

families in need.

Insurance coverage we offer

  • Whole life

  • Term life

  • Individual health

  • Group health

  • Annuities

Rely on our qualified staff to assist you with your current policy

You can call us during business hours and request a FREE insurance quote for you and your family. Contact us now! Do you have questions about your current policy? Call us now: 936-788-5555

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