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Secure Your Company

with Our Affordable Insurance

Affordable Business Insurance

Whether you've just started a home-based business or your business has already been established, Lee Insurance Group can provide both large and small businesses affordable insurance to protect your company and all its assets.


We cover everything from general liability to coverage for your farm or ranch.

Make certain that your company has the 4 main types of insurance

Make sure your business has the 4 main types of insurance to properly cover yourself. This consists of property, liability, business auto, and worker's compensation insurance.


Trying to get a new policy? Give us a call: 936-788-5555

Our business insurance products

  • Commercial property

  • General liability

  • Small business package

  • Worker's compensation

  • Farm and ranch

  • Inland marine

  • Commercial auto

What more information would make me buy?

If you think you need more coverage than you currently have, give us a call for a FREE insurance quote. Our experienced agents are available to help find the right coverage for your business. Call today for your quote.

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